Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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     The most basic info and questions
General FAQs 3 2 Useful links
by danalinscott
If you can't find the info you your question here.
A catch all place to ask questions. They will be sorted into classifications later.
343 96 Replacing my lift pump
by danalinscott
Where do I begin? Links to basic info and step by step tutorials.
Really new to the concept of running a diesel engine on plant oil? Heres where to start.
70 16 Buying a used diesel engine/car/truck -Avoiding worn out engines.
by ReynoldDoveton
     General Info
Terms and Acronyms
A Lexicon of the Terms and Acronyms Used in VO/PO and Diesel Engine Discussions
4 2 Acronyms
by danalinscott
Conversion configurations
Descriptions and basic schematics of the known conversion configurations
97 7 "Return" fuel circuit options
by danalinscott
Conversion Parts and Accessories
A List of Commonly Used Conversion Components w/descriptions
114 25 Injector Line Heaters
by danalinscott
     Preventing and fixing problems
FAQ - Problems 0 0 No posts
Maximum engine longevity when using wvo fuel
Things that increase diesel engine longevity when wvo is used as fuel
6 5 Conversion considerations
by tomy
Houston...I have a problem
Post questions here if you can't find the solution in the forums just below.
81 26 Problem with the lift pump and pressure builtup
by danalinscott
Short term problems
Daignosis and prevention
4 4 Air leaks into fuel system
by danalinscott
     VO/PO fuel processing
FAQs - Processing 13 9 Can I use a centrifugal filter to process wvo?
by danalinscott
Prefiltering and dewatering equipment vendors
Sources of equipment to prefilter and dewater wvo
1 1 Prefiltering and dewatering equipment vendors
by danalinscott
Prefiltering and dewatering wvo - equipment
Equipment used to pre-filter and dewater wvo
2 1 Prefiltering and dewatering wvo - equipment
by danalinscott
Collecting WVO
How to gather wvo
31 5 Collecting using a vacuum tank "sucker".
by WraunDog
De-watering wvo 68 13 900 ppm of water in my WVO and 500 ppm in new unused oil
by ytk
VO Fuel Cooperatives 3 3 VO cooperative Information links
by danalinscott
Pre-filtering WVO 83 7 General questions on prefiltering wvo
by hvacr9
Blending VO/PO with gasoline/diesel/ or other solvents 12 1 Blending????
by greasesolutions
     Conversion info
FAQs - Conversion 17 6 how to tell if an enginge is an idi or a di
by ytk
24 valve Cummins conversion 2 2 Links to conversion info.
by danalinscott
12 Valve Cummins/Dodge 2500/3500 conversion 16 4 Working discussion on Cummins 12 Valve Conversion
by kristinthomas21
Mercedes Benz Conversion
Working discussion on Mercedes Engine Conversion
107 20 Injection line heaters AND flatplate?
by danalinscott
VW conversion
Working discussion on converting VW diesel engines to VO/PO
51 14 Best fuel return option?
by ytk
Other VO/PO/WVO processing issues 2 2 question regarding cloudy oil
by danalinscott
Powerstroke Ford Diesel Conversion 4 2 7.3 Ford Conversion
by jonascox
GMC diesel conversions 74 8 6.5 Turbo
by Renntag
Information on mistwashing to remove particulate and water soluble contaminants
0 0 No posts
Busses and RVs 7 3 Converting large trucks
by danalinscott
A discussion on modifiying diesel generators to VO fuel
16 5 Air Cooled VO generators...
by jamesgibeson
Single tank conversions 40 4 Elsbett Single Tank in Ohio Mercedes 300sd
by Meles
Pre-Powerstroke Ford Diesel Conversion 33 5 How's this configuration?
by danalinscott
     VO Fuel in Business
Businesses that make/sell VO fuel kits or components. 1 1 VO Conversion Component consortium
by danalinscott
Identifying common problems with VO/PO conversions
6 2 Testing soldered pipe joints
by danalinscott
Businesses that install VO conversions 0 0 No posts
Businesses that use VO fuel to increase profit 0 0 No posts
     Technical Discussions
Growing/making/selling VO fuel 2 2 Starting a "VO-Depot"
by danalinscott
New technical discussions
If you are interested in starting a new technical discussion just post the subject here
21 7 Barbed reducing Tee T for coolant
by JohnO
     Vendors section
FAQs - Vendors 11 4 Frybrid complaints
by happycamperbrat
Component Vendors
A list of links to conversion component vendors
37 24 Flat Plate Heat Exchangers
by danalinscott
Kit comparison charts
Charts to help you compare "apples to apples"
16 13 Frybrid no longer producing kits
by danalinscott
Reports, studies, and technical information on VO fuel 18 6 The Beatty report as it relates to -The danger of VO fuel po
by danalinscott
Vendor Ethics
Can you really judge a vendor by their website?
19 3 How do I choose an ethical Vendor?
by danalinscott
Water in unused VO 18 6 The issue...water contamination levels in unused/new VO
by alan
Conversion component testing procedures 44 4 Viscosity measurments
by danalinscott
     Complaints and Suggestions
Complaints 12 1 Censorship
by danalinscott
Moderation resolution area
Challenged posts are discussed resolved here to avoid holding up or diverting technical discussions
0 0 No posts
Suggestions 11 3 Suggestions for the "Ten Steps to converting to VO Fuel" tut
by danalinscott
     Forum Rules
Rules and Moderation 2 2 Special Rules for Technical Discussions
by danalinscott

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