Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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Hey all i have a batch of about 55 gallons that has been filtered to 1 micorn and has been heated with a water heater element for 6 hours a day for 5 days.  when I did the hpt i got bubbles but maybe I did it wrong,  it is a new pan that may not be seasoned right (how is that done?)   is there a better water test?  the oil is darker than my last batch but it came to me darker too.  it is "shiny" like my first big batch and no particulate.  is looks dry but smells foody unlike my first batch which smelled "painty"  the first batch of 60 gallons ran really excellent. 

any suggestions would be great

what do you think of the goldenrod dewatering filters?  do they help after it has been filtered well for dewatering the final product?

also any suggestions for a good transfer pump 12 volt or 110v  

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If heating of your WVO is too vigorous suspended water will be continually remixed and not settle. It is possible that you need to turn down the heat so convection currents are not created.

AS for water blocking filters....they don't block water. They absorb some of the water passing through and the filter media swells shut so no water...or fuel can pass through. But they miss most of the water passing through while they are doing this.

Th best transfer pumps seem to be gear pumps. There is info on which of the less expensive 12v and 110v pumps work longest on the Infopop forum (in the archives).


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