Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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If you have questions that are not answered by the links in this post or the "10 step tutorial" your questions HERE

Just go where that link leads, hit "reply", and type.
I will sort them out later so an indexed archive is created.

I also suggest checking out The basic concept of two tank conversions ,  Conversion Parts and  AccessoriesBuying a used diesel engine/car/truck -Avoiding worn out engines , the FAQs in each section, and Terms and Acronyms   sections of this forum for basic info and more links. By the time you have skimmed through those you should have a very good idea of what an up to date VO conversion consists of and if you are capable of putting together and in stalling your own conversion kit or should purchase a kit and possibly have it installed.

If you decide that you want to purchase a kit I suggest using the Kit comparison charts to help decide which one is most suitable for your engine, climate, and budget. Some considering converting to VO fuel only have environmental concerns. But most also want to know if converting to WVO will actually save them money in the long run. This of course depends on the "avoided cost" of conventional fuel as well as how many miles per month the vehicle is used for AND the cost of purchasing and installing the conversion.

And for a 17 minute video on the history of the diesel engine click HERE. To go to full screen viewing click on the down pointing arrow on the right bottom of the view screen. It is very important that you understand the basic principals behind diesel (compression ignition) engines before you get too much  farther.


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