Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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Under construction.

Hi Dana,
I would like to purchase your Little Devil how to file and perhaps the Hot Rod and perhaps more....I just don't know.  I started out with the Diesel Secret thing.  Then I moved onto adding this enormous (probably for a semi tractor) clam shell heat exchanger where the driver's side battery was.  Problems are long purge times and only one stock filter which gets filled often.  I need a new plan!!!!!  What I am thinking of doing is tossing the heat exchanger and starting all over.  The front tank will be veggie oil tank.  So far what I have to work with is a new VegMax and the stock filter, the big heat exchanges and (2) 5-9 psi electric pumps.   I want dedicated filters for both sides (its what I have on my 300SD) so I don't get into a crisis on the freeway.  I plan on relocating my 6 port valve as close as I can to the mechanical pump for shorter purge times but then I have such long distances back and forth from where my Veg Max would be on the passenger side battery.   I guess that's where the Little Devil would come in and this would be switched on with my veggie oil.  Is this all a bad idea. 

No..but lets take it step by step working forward from the tank. Laying out the configuration is the first step so you may want to start by taking a look at the section on conversion configurations for one that might be a good basis for yours.  Then we can decide if the basic configuration you find will work or needs to be modified.

I advise holding off purchasing anything until we determine what the best options actually are.

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