Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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The most common problem revealed during the shakedown cruises of newly installed vo conversions are due to air leaking into the fuel line connection in fuel delivery systems under vacuum. This is usually due to the use of common hardware store variety hose clamps which are not well suited to this application. Replacing them with a better quality hose clamp usually solves that problem. For more info on this look HERE.

If you suspect that this may be your problem simply install a clear body in line fuel filter as the last component in your conversion before the IP and it will reveal if your conversion fuel system is indeed "sucking air". For more info on these look HERE.

I really advise replacing cheap hose clamps with better ones since as hoses age and go through heat/cold cycles they may develop leaks at junctions and simply tightening a cheap hose clamp most likely just temporarily fixes the problem. However..if you need to find a leak the quickest way to do this is to smear high temp grease on the fuel line connections that you suspect of by one..and seeing if the problem appears to go away.

If the problem does not appear to be corrected by replacing hose clamps check for cracks  in  fuel lines at bends or wear holes at points where they may rub while driving.  If this does not appear to be the problem check for defects in fuel filters, solenoid valves, and pumps.

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