Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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The short answer is no.
And on.

A common mis-perception is that water can be boiled off from WVO by just heating it to over the boiling point of water 212°F.  The main mis-perception is that the "water" in WVO is pure water. In fact it is a "soup" of water AND every water soluble contaminant in the WVO. Pure water boils at 212°F...but the more heavily it is contaminated with water soluble acids, sugars, etc.  the higher the boiling point becomes.  And as the water in that soup boils off the concentration of water soluble contaminants becomes more and more concentrated. At some point the "water" will simply not evaporate at temperatures under the smoking point of the WVO it is contained in. At at temperatures THAT high the VO in the WVO is undergoing chemical decomposition.

You can avoid this problem by heating WVO under a vacuum since the lowered pressure allows boiling at a lower temperature. But the problem of producing a very concentrated acid/sugar/salt/etc soup which remains in the WVO and creates at least two problems. Not only is this "soup" very corrosive it is also very hygroscopic and so tends to literally suck moisture from the air into the WVO at an amazing rate. There is also evidence that it can accelerate the oxidative degradation of WVO and create polymerized VO ...which tends to clog filters very quickly.

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