Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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Short answer...yes.

But centrifuges are expensive.
Centrifuges should not be confused with centrifugal filters or centrifugal water separators. These are dealt with in other FAQs.

Traditional centrifuges use an electric motor to spin a "bowl" at high RPM and create a force like gravity but up to 3000 times the force of gravity. This speeds up particulate and water separation enormously. Separation levels that might take months using only gravity take less than a minute in a centrifuge. And most industrial centrifuges are continuous so dirty wvo can be fed in and clean/dry  wvo fuel exits. Most centrifuges must be stopped to remove the accumulated contaminants..but some systems are available that allow automated cleaning without stopping the centrifuge.

The downside..they are very ...very expensive and so practical only for those that have thousands of gallons of wvo that needs to be processed daily or weekly.

Recently a plans on making a scaled down simple centrifuge have become available and beta versions of a centrifuge are available based on these plans as well. Still not cheap to make or buy though.

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