Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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I just got a free used electric water heater. It seems like a perfect solution for the heating/dewatering phase. I just bought Dana's plans, but this seems even easier and more energy efficient, and since the heater is free....
Here is the new plan. Prefilter to 10 microns using a house holdfilter and pump into the water heater. Bring to exactly (i don't know how many) degrees. Let set for a few hours (i don't know how many) then filter through a goldenrod or stanadyne into final storage, or car.
Am I missing something.

Dewatering does not proceed very well until after wvo is prefiltered to 10 microns or better. I suggest looking at the Frybrid Still if you want to use a hot water heater. It is more expensive then and does not work as well as the Simple Handpump Prefilter Unit...but unless you need over 80 gal per week it should work OK if you are VERY careful about checking every batch with the Hot Pan Test.

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