Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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New Product!

I am finally ready to begin selling the electronic thermo controller I have been working on for the past year and a half. The unit is intended to be flexible enough to be used for a wide variety of applications. The unit is also built very rugged to withstand harsh environments.

Some key features are:

- Operates on any voltage between 6V and 24v DC
- Can be operated on AC by adding almost any common AC adapter
- Temperature infinitely adjustable between 95°F - 270°F
- Fully watertight and can be sprayed down for cleaning
- 10 foot temperature sensor lead that can be immersed or surface mounted
- Detects if the sensor is disconnected/shorted and will shut off the output

The controller is ideal as an over-temp limiter on injection line heaters or to precisely maintain the temp of a large vessel of oil.  It has a pretty tight temperature swing so that it can minimize/nearly eliminate convection currents. 

For more details or to purchase please go here:

Please feel free to contact me at for additional info.

Mark Mitchell
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