Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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If, for simplicity's sake, one were to install a completely serial coolant heated system with the understanding that the heat content diminishes along the length of the circuit, how would one "prioritize" his devices as far as which device gets connected first in the circuit where it is exposed to the hottest coolant, etc...

My setup includes the following devices heated by coolant: heated fuel pickup (HotRod), heated fuel line, YellowJacket heat exchanger, heated filter (w/ GoldenGlow as auxiliary filter heat).

My preliminary idea, going from first in priority (hottest) to last in priority (coolest)... 

Exit from engine --> heated filter ---> YellowJacket --> HOH (First pass) --> HotRod --> HOH (Second pass) --> radiator. Comments?

Has anyone made a completely series circuit? Can the water pump handle these pressures?
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