Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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I have just completed my conversion in a 83 Benz 300D Turbo.  I started the car to check for leaks and test to see if the FPHE and Vegmax is getting hot from the coolant.  It appears the coolant is not flowing through my new coolant lines.  I purged all the air out of the new lines with a mityvac.   I spliced the supply line right behind the oil filter and the return line right in between the aux pump and water pump (i think).  Anyone have any ideas why the coolant does not want to circulate through my new lines?  Thermostat?  Aux pump? Monovalve?  I also tested the lines with the heat on, still doesnt flow and now it takes a lot longer for heat to come out of the vents.


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i have the same problem.  any ideas?

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