Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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Could anyone tell me how they prevented debris generated during the conversion/fabrication process from clogging their goldenrod filter during the trial run? I have read in some of Dana's plans the idea of installing a disposable filter before the goldenrod filter...where can such a disposable filter be found, and how is it easily installed for temporary use?  Is there any reason why the system could not have a generous amount of WVO flushed through it from the tank up to the point of attachment to the goldenglow filter in order to get rid of said debris, with the flushed WVO being deposited in some kind of collection container for refiltration through the simple pre-filtering unit?  Also, has anyone been flushing out the GoldenGlow itself prior to final assembly?


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Inexpensive disposable filters are available for most small gas engines. These can be installed with a short bit of fuel line just before the permanent filter and removed along with the short chunk of line when the flushing is done. Just leave the main line long enough to reach the permanent filter inlet.

Certainly flushing with prefiltered wvo and then refiltering it is an option as well. Gentle air pressure applied at the tank is generally enough to allow this.

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