Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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Posted 10 June 2006 06:55 AM
Hi all.

I know that some people have installed an electic pump just at the exit of the fuel tank to help the IP.

I want to do the same on my 190D 2,5turbo(om602 engine).

Though I have 2 questions:

1. Will an electric pump taken from a petrol Mercedes handle cold VO? If not, what pump will do the job?

2. I'm plning to connect the pump to the ignition key, so that when the key is on, the pump will turn on. Will the fuel hoses pop off because of the pressure, or the preassuer will stay the same, as the extra fuel will folw from the return hose?

Thanks, Deni.

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Posted 10 June 2006 09:01 AM
Depends on the pressure of the pump and your hose connections.
There are aftermarket pumps you can use.
A buddy is using one made for a gasser wrx w/ a 1/2 ball valve valve partially closed to control volume.
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Posted 10 June 2006 10:23 AM

Not sure if you plan to install an electric pump to help the existing mechanical pump but if is unwise.

If you plan to replace the mech pump with an electrical one it should match the PSI output of the mech pump it is replacing for best results.

Most electrtric pumps are not engineered to pump high temp fuel though so it is best to install in a location where the VO is not yet hotter than 120° close to the fuel (VO) tank. Some electric pumps deal well with VO ..others do not. I have no experience with a slaveaged MB electric cannot advise. But if you care to post more info on it I may be able to.

But you will definitely want to test the pumps output psi before proceeding.

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Here in France we do use electric pump to help PI with veggie oil.
Mostly for Low Presssure Indirect Injection engine (VW Jetta ..).
The pumps should have low pressure (around 7 PSI) and place close as possible to the SVO or WVO tank.
Facet model 40106 or 40107 are very popular, you can find it easily in US, for around 30 bucks, use small inline fuel filter to protect it.
Hope it helps

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How much pressure can a Bosch VE rotary pump take at the input?
These are found on some VW diesels and 1st generation Cummins.
On the Dodge they have a 5-7 psi lift pump, and the VW has none.
I have been looking at the Airtex 15 psi electric pump with an eye to setting up a 2 pump system and switching the returns. I would like to run 15 psi for filter life.

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Hi all,

I would like to include an electric fuel pump just outside the veggie tank in my trunk.  I have a 1985 M/B 300d 617 sedan. I don't know the IP fuel pressure and don't want to make a mistake that may cause engine problems.  I just want to help the veggie fuel get to the IP in the correct way.
I have read about a "Facet 40106" electric pump that is used in Europe.  I also wonder on a pump such as the Facet, which appears to have a 1/8" fitting size, if the 3/8" fuel line I'm using will work? 

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