Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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What about electrolysis? Running oil past a screen of anodes and cathods to split any water into "H" and "O". For me I would only do this as one of the last steps cause part of the reasons to remove water is to also remove contaimants and electorlysis along with any type of evaporation technique leaves contaimanets in the oil.

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I have never tried this and so would only be able to speculate on the effects of using electrolysis to turn suspended water into its base elements. 


I suspect it would take some serious amounts of electricity to do this if it is possible to do so at all.  I believe that vacuum evaporative methods are simpler and more effective for removing the last bits of suspended water than electrolysis is likely to be.


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i once talked to a navy electrician about how the navy turns sea water into oxygen and drinking water.on subs.

they do it the way you are talking about.

although i did not discuss the exact amount of electricity used, i do know it was a lot. i would have to guess that it would be enough to light the WVO on fire.

also, i belive the water conducts the electricty, and the WVO wont conduct .

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