Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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Reply with quote  #1 forgot to purge VO in your injection system before you shut down your engine..and it cooled enough to allow the VO to go solid. And now your engine refuses to start.   

Don't worry it happens to everyone eventually. It is so common it is almost a "rite of passage" for those with new VO conversions. And it is easy to fix. But it will take a little time.

The simplest way to fix this problem is to open the hood and stick a hair blower set to "high heat" under the hood aimed at the IP and injector lines as much as possible. If you have a block heater plug it in too so the engine is as warm as possible when you try to start it.  Then walk away and get a cup of coffee or have a nice long breakfast. Let it sit at least half an hour and in cold weather at least an hour..before you try to start it.

OK..So it has been an hour and the engine is nice and toasty. Now go out to the car pull the hair dryer out from under the hood (so it does not get wrapped up in the fan) and cycle the glow plugs twice before you try to turn the engine over. Switch to diesel fuel before you begin unless you have injector line heaters. As with normal starting do not turn the engine over so ling that it begins to cook your starter. 30 seconds is a very long time of constant use for a starter. If the engine does not start in 30 seconds let the starter cool down for at least 2 minutes.  No sense in compounding this simple problem with a much more expensive to fix one by burning up your starter.

If after a few tries the engine shows no signs of starting go away for another hour after replacing the hair dryer so it continues warming the engine. And then try to start it again.

After the engine starts switch to diesel fuel as soon as possible (if you have injector line heaters) and allow the engine to come to full operating temperature before switching back to VO.

In a pinch folks have also liquefied the VO in the injector lines, IP, filter, and fuel lines by slowly pouring a kettle or two of near boiling hot water over them.

As a last resort have the car towed to a garage and warmed up to 70°F or warmer overnight.

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