Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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Available at:

Recommended mix is 1.5oz per 50 gallons resulting in a 300ppm level

Available in 32oz bottle with 1oz measuring dispenser or 8oz bottle at $100.00 and $30 respectively

can extend the usable life of the oil two to three times in a harsh environment and nearly indefinitely if the other factors are limited as well.

This is the product that led to Chris Goodwin switching from a protege of mine to an antagonist. When he originally told me he planned to develop and market this (or a similar product) I replied that I didn't think there was a large enough market for it since IMO it was only needed in very rare circumstances.  I still believe this despite a "study" done by his (silent) partner Joe Betty.

It is my opinion that this product might be useful to those planning on storing a VO fueled vehicle for extended periods without completely purging the fuel system (including tank) of VO. I also believe that it may be useful for those who have no source of WVO except for very used very high iodine value WVO who must store it for periods of over 6 months in arm climates.

It may also be helpful for those making bio diesel and storing it for more than a few months.

For most however it is of dubious utility.
Frankly...had I known that honestly telling him my opinion on this would result in the demise of our friendship and a multi-year smear campaign I probably would have kept that opinion to myself.  I think that most potential users of this product will never purchase a single bottle since reports of the problems it is reported to eliminate are so rare in the VO fuel world.

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