Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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The Simple Handpump Prefilter Unit- $20
The most appropriate for non commercial WVO fuel users is the Simple Handpump Prefilter Unit. It is a prefilter AND dewatering unit which also incorporates a 30 gallon reservoir for ready to use WVO fuel and a dispensing pump/safety filter. This allows one to simply pour most wvo into the top and pump ready to use (prefiltered/dewatered) wvo into your vehicles (VO) fuel tank.  It is designed to be simple to fabricate with (mostly) common tools and takes up only 3'x3' of floorspace. If you are a good scrounger it should cost less than $100 to make..if not it can cost as much as $200.


The Semi-automated Vacuum Prefilter Unit- $20
This is a simple pre-filter unit appropriate as a base unit for small commercial users of WVO fuel. It costs about the same as the Simple Handpump prefilter unit but requires the addition of a dewatering unit. This can be as simple as an insulated tank with a floating pickup and a drain. This hoilding/dewatering tank can be elevated to allow gravity to "power" your WVO filling station. 


Both Prefilter Units- $30


The HotRod Coolant Heated Fuel Pickup- $20
This coolant heated fuel pickup is made from commonly available copper pipe and plumbing fittings. It not only thins WVO in warm climates it liquifies wvo that is solid due to low temps or high fat/hydrogenation.


Hose On Hose Coolant Heated Fuel Line- $20
HOH lines are usually intended to liquefy any VO which has solidified in the line during the time the engine has been shut down and to slightly warm the VO as it travels toward the engine from the VO/PO tank. HOH is usually easier to bend than HIH and so can be simpler to install and provide a "cleaner" looking installation. Often the entire bundle is sheathed in insulation to conserve coolant heat. 


Both the Hose On Hose Coolant Heated Fuel Line and

 the HotRod coolant heated fuel pickup- $30


Note: The YellowJacket Coolant/Fuel heat exchanger is obsolete and so no longer offered.  Due to the rising cost of copper fittings/pipe a Flat Plate Heat Exchanger is a much better option. Go HERE for more info on FPHEs.

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