Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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A high quality state of the art injector line heater is now directly available from the manufacturer. Cost is down from $15 each to $12 each..shipping included. One is needed for each injector line. I have used several thousand of these on truck fleet conversions and feel they not only provide for better combustion (due to the 200-275°F pre-injection temp) but have lowered my conversion cost per vehicle by allowing me to only have to raise the VO temp to around 120°F before the IP.

You can order Injection Line Heaters from Line Heater Specialists  order page.
You can order directly from the link above or click the button below and adjust the number of units you order (based on the number of cylinders your engine has) in the order window that will pop up.
(Price includes shipping)
*Note: The owner of LHS is currently overseas and unable to quickly respond to orders. He has left me with several hundred ILHs so I can ship them for him until he returns to the US. Ordering through the link above seems to add 1-2 weeks to the time it takes to get them as he must relay the orders to me. If you want them in less than 3 weeks please contact me directly using the email link on the bottom of each of my posts (

You can purchase a ready made ILH wiring harness HERE that makes installing ILHs simpler.

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