Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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 I do not hear the crackling/bumping sound that so many people have described.
 I pumped out a filtered sample that had been heated for about six hours, never heard any crackling or bumping. The sample failed the hot pan test: no obvious water was visible in the sample, and there was no crackling or popping during the HPT, just maybe 10+ bubbles per square inch of wvo. I am thinking about repositioning fuel inlet pipe higher in the barrel by a few inches. Any suggestions?


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Crackling sounds will not usually be heard unless there is lots of water present in the wvo or the water rich sludge that slowly builds in the bottom reaches the level the element is installed at.

Repositioning the draw pipe a bit higher will often help but I would suggest that insulating the drum (if you have not already) and waiting another 24 hours may also work. Settling of suspended water does not begin until the temp of the wvo in the drum has stabilized and convection currents have become less strong due to a smaller VO temperature differential.

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