Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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Originally Posted by lmmzr
Could you please tell me if it's a lot more expensive to have an on-board pre-filtration system rather than a home-based one with 55gal drums. Space is a premium in my garage and I'd like to avoid the messes, but if I am going to be spending $50/mo on filters, then I will opt for home-based.  Could you share tips for making home-based systems cleaner?

Thanks so much! This forum gives so much more information than any I have found!

I am buying a used Greasecar system and will be converting my 94 GMC 6.5l truck asap.

No current on-board prefilter has adequate ability to remove suspended water. For that matter many stationary prefilters don't either. By adequate I mean consistently remove it to the point it will not significantly accelerate IP and injector wear via cavitation.

My best advice is to go with a stationary simple prefilter/dewatering unit. A unit that takes up the space of a single 55 gallon drum can produce over 120 gal per week. No matter what prefilter you decide to use make sure that you check the suspended water levels using the Hot Pan Test. For more info on prefiltering/dewatering look in the "VO/PO fuel processing" section of this forum.

NOTE: There now exist some prototype on-board prefilter/dewatering units. Some show very good promise at this time. I will keep this post updated on the availability of these as well as post the info in the "Beta Testing" discussion at:

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