Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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Hi Dana,


I am new to this forum and impresses by your work done here! I am think to build a grease car with a custom/diy 2 tank system. I don’t have anything yet, not even the car.

I am thinking to buy a 83~90 MBs 300d turbo. I will be around Arkansas or Kansas in the next few years. The winter does get cold and drops down to 30F.


First I like “legasea”’s design and I think I am going to build something like it. But I have some questions that I don’t understand in his design…


1.    The “plugged 3 way Banjo”, what’s that for, and what is it? Both overflows and going into the same line and return to the filter. Looks like a T fitting to me…

2.       The return valve, it should be a “3 port fuel switching valves”?

3.       I would assume the supply valve is the 3 port fuel switching valves”, right?

4.       Is it necessary to route the overflows back to the tank? Or to the heated filter is good(after the filter)?

5.    I saw that most people put the FPHE under the hood. Should the FPHE closer to the tank or the IP?

6.    Is extra fuel pumps necessary for this design?

If everything goes as I thought, the design should look like this:


Second, I will use “series circuit with FPHE” for the coolant. It should be easier and less chance counter into the “not moving coolant” problem.





Here’s the list of components I plan to get, please see if there’s any problems with it


2 x 3 Way Fuel Solenoid Valves with switches- ebay- $150 after shipping

Any other suggestions?


12G VO fuel tank- marinepartssource- $64

 Or is there a cheap way to build one? Such as combining two 5-Gallon cubes to make a 10G tank with super glue and silicon? Just a thought.


The HotRod Coolant Heated Fuel Pickup- $80

Do you think I can just run the radiator hose down to the tank and shape it just as the “oil filter jacket”?


FPHE- 20 Plate Heat Exchanger- $65


Heated VO fuel lines- HOH- $60


Heated VO fuel filter- Jacket – 11ft of RH, $10


Fuel pressure gauge-$30

May be injector line heater(extra $120 for the lines and control)

Temperature gauge(into the tank?)- $10

fuel level sender and guage ($70)


Thank you again for your time! I really hope that you could give me some advice on this one.



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