Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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I looked through all the posts in this section and did a search and didn't find this info, sorry if it is a duplicate question.

I need a 12V pump just to move oil between a dumpster, barrels, and cubies. I'd like to use the same pump mounted and hardwired to my truck to pick up oil from a restraunt's dumpster & move it between drums in various stages of settling and filtering in my garage. Can anyone recommend a pump that can stand up to this application?

I don't want to pay thru the nose for pumps from the kit companies. Can I get something for <$100? The easiest thing would be to pick up something from a FleetFarm or Tractor Supply, but don't mind just ordering something if it fits my intended application.


2001 F250 7.3L
Just finished a kit from golden fuel systems.
Now I'm working on increasing my supply.

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Even the pumps offered for sale by kit companies for transferring wvo don't work that well unless you live in a warm climate. This is why wvo "vacuum suckers" are often used instead of pumps. If you don't have the room for a tank capable of withstanding vacuum you may want to consider making a pump out of a replacement lube oil (gear) pump and a high torque 12v motor. This has been discussed on the inforpop svo forum a few times but I don't think that anyone has made a tutorial on the subject yet.

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