Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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I recently changed to a different source of used cooking oil.  I am getting this oil in the 5 gallon cubies.  When left to settle, the oil separates with about the the top half being dark, but clear and the bottom half being light yellow and cloudy.  When the cloudy half is heated to about 95 degrees it turns dark and clear like the top half.  All the oil passes through the blue jean sock filters equally well.  I have not encountered this situation with my other sources of used cooking oil.  Also, I have read through the files I have received from you and did not come across any reference to this cloudiness.  Could you tell me what might cause this cloudiness and if it is something I should be concerned about?
This is probably high fat (due to what is being cooked) or partially hydrogenated VO.  As long as it liquifies at a temperature your conversion is designed to provide and is prefiltered and dewatered adequately it should not present a problem when used for fuel.

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