Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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Below is a Pollack 3 port remote fuel solenoid valve. It is suitable for low pressure (under 12psi) and low temperature (under 130°F) applications. Higher temp applications are possible if it is wired to only be "on" when cooler fuel is passing through.

 Pollack 6 port remote fuel  valves are available in solenoid and motorized versions. The solenoid version is suitable for low pressure (under 12psi) and low temperature (under 120°F) applications. The motorized version can withstand pressures and temperatures about 10% higher.

It should be noted that these and other available remote fuel valves are not designed to whithstand high temperature fuel passing through for long periods of time. They can therefore ONLY be expected to operate reliable in areas of conversions where the fuel temp is under 100F. Similarly they cannot be expected to operate reliably at pressures which exceed 5psi.

Below is a Hydra force remote hydraulic valve. It is suitable for high pressure and temperature applications that the above valves cannot withstand long term and has become the standard remote fuel valve for most modern conversions. Ther eare MANY different models however and not all will allow enough fuel flow to be used for this purpose.

There are several vendors that supply this valve.

Greasecar sells them for $135 each.
Vegpower sells them for from $85 to $100 each.
PlantDrive sells them for from $90 to $110 each.

I buy them in bulk for fleet conversions so I occasionally have them available for $75.  Email me to check if this is an option.

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