Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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Oil theft hasn't been a problem for us, but I planned ahead in building my waste oil collection vessels.

Points of interest:

1. Taking a standard 55 gallon drum, a metal loop was welded on to the bottom so the drum can be chained to something immovable. Stealing the drum would require cutting a chain or lock.

Using open top drums, I install these units (along with labels specifying ownership of barrel and contents).
2. Note that once the top is on the barrel, it can be locked on using a simple padlock. The bung can be welded closed or have tabs welded on it for use with a padlock. Thus, there will be no pumping or dumping oil out of the bungs.

3. The entry point for oil is an old military ammo box. Matching holes were cut in the box and standard barrel drum lid and the box was welded to the lid. As seen in the pics, no hoses (or garbage) can be put down into the barrel as expanded-metal grating was tacked into the bottom of the box.

While not perfect (barrel lid holds water), this was a cheap (<$10, not including barrel) way to deal with oil collection and security.

This unit can also be fabricated without any welding equipment.  If anyone is interested on how just ask.

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