Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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Maybe I do not understand how to use the tools on this forum, so I'll ask.


I replyed to a post, but in doing so I could not see the previous posts that I was replying to.  When I hit the Back button to see if I had addressed all of the issues, I lost everything I had typed. 


Is there a way to avoid this without launching an additional browser to be able to see the site in two windows?


Thank you


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I have to admit that I am not all that familiar with the tools here either. I had been mostly using this as a place to index information on and only recently has it become used as a forum. The only way that I currently know how to do this is to use the "Reply with quote" function in the upper right portion of the window instead of "Reply" which is in the lower portion of the window. The "Quote" button looks like this .


You can then just highlight the quoted part if it is not for additional clarity and "cut" it to leave just your reply.  This forum has a lot of features...and there should probably be a post on how to use them pinned to the top of it.


There is also a Users Guide in PDF that may provide a better answer.


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Not really what you're asking but: if you're using Firefox you know you can click the wheel or center button when over link "reply" and it'll open in new tab (hold shift key while clicking and you'll go to that tab).. not too much trouble. Mike

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Thank you for the explanation.  It's not easy being technologically challenged.
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