Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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Hi Dana,

I have a problem with my conversion, and I was hoping
you could help me out.  I just did my test run with
wvo today.  It worked fine, except I noticed that my
diesel level was going down--it was returning to the
veg oil tank--I can smell it.  My brother said he did
not see that when he did his test drive, and he drove
it around for a few hours.  Plus, I would have smelled
diesel in the tank when I first got the car from him,
and I didn't.  The only thing he did was to take the
fuse by the battery out so we couldn't accidentally
switch to an empty tank.  Could this be a bad solenoid
valve already?  Any other ideas?  Thank you.

Hi Meagan,
It is possible that your solenoid valve has failed but there are other possibilities which are more likely. Lets eliminate the failed solenoid possibility first. 

It is simple to check whether a solenoid valve is functioning by simply having someone listen to it as you flip the switch that controls the solenoid valve. The "click" it makes as it activates or deactivates is usually easy to hear if you do not have the motor running and there are not other loud sounds nearby.

If it does not make a "clicking" sound as you flip the switch back and forth a few times you need to determine if power is actually being provided to the valve when you flip the switch. You will need a volt/ohm meter or test light to determine this.

If power IS being supplied to the valve you then need to check the valves ground to make sure it is good. If the switch has power being supplied to it AND a good ground and still makes no clicking sound when you flip the switch that supplies power to it the valve may have failed.

If this is the case you will probably want to determine WHY it failed rather than simply replace it and have it fail again for the same reason. 

If you determine the valve HAS failed please post what type of solenoid valve you have here and I will guide you through determining why it failed. It may be as simple as a small bit of grit jamming it...or it may be being pushed beyond its temp or pressure limits. 

Personally I am hoping it is just a bad ground.

If it is please let me know.
See you later

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