Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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It is especially important to remain ON TOPIC in technical discussions. If you choose to take part in a technical discussion you are expected to remain ON TOPIC at all times. If you post something that appears to anyone to be OFF TOPIC it may be challenged by anyone else taking part in the discussion. Off topic posts are subject to removal.

Please read any technical discussion in its entirety BEFORE posting to it. Posts which are repetitions of earlier posts will be challenged and are subject to challenge, review, and removal.


Anyone whose post is challenged will be given the opportunity to revise it..or explain why it may be an ON TOPIC post as it currently exists. If the challenged post (or part of a post) is found to be OFF TOPIC it will be removed from the discussion along with the challenge and may be posted in a separate discussion with a link to that discussion posted in its place.


Technical discussions are open to anyone but you are expected to act in a professional manner if you choose to take part in them.

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