Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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This is a working forum and not a chat room.

It was created so that those new to VO/PO conversion could have an easy to search archive of useful info. If you want to contribute to the discussion topic you are encouraged to do so. But if you want to ask an off topic question please send the member you are addressing personally an email or Private Message. If you don't know how to do that please just ask in the I Have a Question discussion.  The moderators will try to help.


This is a forum on VO/PO fuel conversion.

Posts about biodiesel, hydrogen fuel, propane, diesel performance upgrades, etc. are in most cases considered Off Topic and will be removed by the moderators. If  Off Topic posts/discussions are chronically send by a single member they will be placed on moderation though generally they will be contacted by the Moderation Group to request they stop doing that.


Please use the search function to see if your question has already been asked and answered before posting a question. This is a forum specifically created for "newbies" so we tend to be pretty tolerant of first time posters who ask questions they could have easily found with a search. But chronically posting thee questions without first searching is poor forum etiquette frowned upon. If you don't know how to use the search function please just ask in the I Have a Question discussion.  The moderators will try to help.


Flaming, name calling, and trolling are not tolerated and are about the only behavior that will result in harsh moderation.

A first offense will result in a warning from the Moderation Group.

A second offense will result in your posts being placed on moderation status.

(This requires that a moderator review each individual post)


If you chronically flame or troll you will be banned from participating in the forum and required to publicly apologize to the forum members before you are considered for reinstatement. We hope we never have to do this...ever.


To report an objectionable post please just send a link to that  post to The Moderation Group. WE will review it and take appropriate action.


If you want to advertise your products on this forum please contact  the moderation group and you will be contacted for further info.


Spam will not be permitted. Spam sent to this forum will result in an imediate ban and a formal complaint to the ofenders ISP.

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