Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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Hi Dana
I can only get solid wvo in my area.
Probadly Santa Cruz climate.
What is the best option with using solid wvo?
Is a 80's merc say ,better to use a Isuzu Bighorn (4JG2 engine) with solid oil.(which I already own).
Thank you for any help.
Regards John
HI John,

It really does not matter which engine you convert to wvo.
Using solid wvo in a two tank is simply a matter of providing sufficient heat to liquefy it throughout the system by the time the engine warms to operating temp. And of course being able to liquefy the wvo to prefilter and dewater it and  transfer it into your VO tank.  Those of us in the colder parts of the country have to deal with this every year as weather turns colder no matter what WVO we use.

Generally this means that your components must be well integrated with each other and efficient. Starting from the VO tank the heated components of a conversion able to use solid wvo fuel are:
1. Heated fuel pickup.
2. Heated and insulated VO fuel lines.
3. A FPHE (Flat Plate Heat Exchanger)
4. More heated and insulated VO fuel lines.
5. A high temp heated VO filter.
6. Heated and insulated VO fuel lines.

In addition I recommend ILH (Injector Line Heaters) to increase fuel efficiency.

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