Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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So guys,

i'm converting my 82 MB 300sd. it already has a 20 gallon tank that i put diesel in now. I was thinking of fitting a small 2 gallon tank under my hood that i would use for diesel fuel and then use my 20 gallon tank for vo. so its not a single tank conversion, since i'll have a smaller tank for the diesel. 

So my question is, is this a good or a bad idea? is it do-able or recommended? will the fuel pump that works out of the 20 gallon tank for diesel gas work for pumping VO out of the tank and into the engine? 


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It isn't a great idea.
In the past ten years I have seen about half a dozen people try this and they all regretted it for one reason or another.

It is do-able..but not reccomended.

The most common problem with using the stock tank is that there is a an internal screen that will usually clog pretty quickly.


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thanks for the advice! 

i actually had just found a thing that you posted about this here:

sounded reasonable, but now that you say that, i guess i'll just get a second tank for the trunk instead. 

thanks again. 

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I am planning to do what the OP was considering. I can understand concerns, but regularly removing the plug at the bottom of the tank to check/clean will show pattern of whether maintenance is needed or not.

We have a pair of 300TDT Mercedes (touring wagons) and need the cargo area, so an additional tank inside the car just doesnt work for us. My plan was to put a 2-3 gallon tank possible behind the head light or front wheel depending upon available space, fill from under the hood and use for start up and purge.

I dont think there is any issue using the stock tank for SVO as long as you follow Dana's guide lines for choosing and preparing your oil. Using quality, well filtered VO should net great results.

Anyone else wish to comment?

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