Plantoil/diesel conversion basics
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Generally speaking the best candidates are older In-Direct Injection (IDI)diesel engines with in-line (rather than rotary) Injection Pumps (IPs). They are generally more "forgiving" and durable when run on VO fuel. Direct Injection (DI) diesel engines with deeply cupped pistons and In-line IPs would be second in line along with IDI diesel engines with rotary IPs.

As a general rule High performance and high Mile Per Gallon (MPG) diesel vehicles are less "convertible" in terms of engine longevity and Return On Investment (ROI). High performance engines tend to coke more easily and high MPG engines tend to take very long to pay for conversion based on fuel cost savings. VW TDIs are in this category.

ID diesel engines with more sophisticated fuel injection systems are third in line. This is mostly because there are not yet enough converted to provide a good idea of what long term problems may show up. It is likely anyone converting newer diesel engines are essentially participating in the initial suitability testing of these conversions..whether they know it or not. Do not ASSUME that just because a kit vendor offers a conversion kit for a vehicle/engine that implies in any way this is not so. It is the nature of the VO conversion "industry" that the initial 50 customers who purchase new conversion kits are uncompensated testers that are assuming the full risk of those engines long term compatibility with VO fuel tests. 

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